How to Make a Perfect Bow Using the Probow the Hand

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How to Make a Perfect Bow Every Time Using Probow the Hand

I receive lots of compliments on the bows I add to my wreaths and gifts and get asked all the time how I make a bow. While there are many different ways to make a bow, I have to confess...I have some help. This post contains some affiliate links for your crafting convenience.

In this tutorial, I will demonstrate one of the ways I make my bows and how they come out so perfect...EVERY TIME!! My SECRET...I use Probow the Hand. Bows can be used to add that extra special touch in many different ways: a beautiful addition to a wreath or door hanger, in a floral arrangement, on a gift or gift basket, or as a tree topper to decorate your Christmas tree. 

Tools and Supplies:

How to Make a Perfect Bow Every Time Using the Probow the Hand

1. Cut a piece of floral wire about 21" in length
2. Probow the Hand bow recipe:
      • Center column Row B
      • 1L and 2L Row C
      • 1R and 2R Row C
      • Please refer to the video below to make the bow loops
    3. Remove the bow from the Probow the Hand and dovetail the ends of the ribbon tails
    4. Attach the bow to the bow fluffing box and start separating and fluffing the bow loops until it looks even and you are happy with it.

      Video Make a Perfect Bow Every Time Using the Probow the Hand


      Now tell me how easy that was. And look at how perfect the bows came out every time with very little effort! This is just one simple way to make a bow using one type of wired ribbon, but you can easily add multiple colors, patterns, and sizes of wired ribbon together to create beautiful bows for different holidays or occasions. 

      Thank you for being here with us! Stay tuned for more tutorials.

      Be blessed!


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