About Us


Hello friends...my name is Nicole. I was born in Hawaii, raised in Los Angeles, CA, and currently reside in Tulare, CA with my amazing husband, Paul, and my sweet miniature schnauzer, Sebastian. Growing up my sister had always been the artistic and crafty one in the family while my head was stuck in academics. I was not interested in arts and crafts, but more interested in grades and family. Now living in a small country town for over 10 years, I have grown to love making any surrounding beautiful, peaceful, inviting, colorful, and happy whether that be at home or at work. Country living inspired me to adopt a rustic, farmhouse style and create decor for my home as well as help others create their own amazing space. I enjoy crafting, re-purposing items, painting/restoring furniture, and thrift/yard selling with my husband.

How I got started:

Several years ago a coworker asked me if I would make something to donate to her son's harvest carnival silent auction fundraiser. I was honored that she asked me, but nervous at the same time. Unsure of what to make, I thought it needed to be something light weight, colorful, fall themed, and something that everyone would like to put in their homes......why not a WREATH!! I made my first wreath and I thought it turned out pretty good for my first attempt. It was made of burlap, ribbon, floral picks, and bows.


My coworker was stunned and proud to donate this handmade wreath to her son's fundraiser. That was when my passion for wreath making began. I thought, "I do have a crafty gene!" Since then, my husband, family, and friends have encouraged me to pursue wreath making.

With the holiday season just weeks away, what better way to launch my hobby to the public. I educated myself on how to make different types of wreaths constructed of different materials. That holiday season, I sold 49 wreaths and could not believe it. That was the moment I realized what my God given talents were.

The following year wreath making quickly took a back seat. My husband ended up having two emergency back surgeries four months apart. During my husband's recovery, we spent lots of time praying and brainstorming about my hobby turned small business and that is when Wreathbox was born. In addition to wreaths, I make garlands, centerpieces, and swags.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story and know who is behind Wreathbox and Rhodes Handmade.
We are truly blessed!

Happy Crafting!
Nicole :)